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As a yacht charter and sailing destination, Greece is today one of the most popular sailing areas in Europe. Thus, the yacht and sail holiday in Greece in addition to the normal land tourism contributes to the most important economic achievements of the country. Greece has much to offer for sailors. Sail holidays for sunbathers, active vacationers and culture seekers will find numerous sailing offers on the Greek islands.
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Yacht Charter Athens

Athens Optimal starting point for yacht vacationers
The sailing district of Athens Kalamaki is very popular with sailors who would like to spend a relaxing sail holiday, as well as with those who are looking forward to a challenging sailing trip from Athens. Located on the Saronic Gulf, Athens offers not only uniquely beautiful sailing routes, but also several places around Athens with historic highlights that can be reached from Athens with your yacht. Although the Athens Kalamaki marina is not an architectural or cultural highlight, Athens' Klamaki is nevertheless geographically located - an ideal starting point for your Yacht Charter Athens cruise, especially if you are in the Saronic Gulf or even want to sail into the beautiful Cyclades of Athens.

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Yacht charter Athens unique sailing routes and a fantastic nature
The charter area Athens Kalamaki recommends two sailing routes that will captivate you with their unique and fantastic nature: On the one hand the trip from Athens through the Saronic Gulf, on the other hand the route into the Cyclades!

From Athens you will receive the largest selection of sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans with or without skipper for a pleasant sailing holiday. You will also receive motoboats or motor yachts with crew that can be chartered from Athens.

A sailing trip from Athens includes the islands of Dokos, Spetses, Hydra, Aegina, Poros, Angistri and the entire Peleponnes, which has been included in our history books by the legendary people of the Spartans. This route from Athens is characterized by the fact that it is particularly sheltered from the wind, but there are also many attractions on the other side, such as larger cities with an antique flair, Byzantine chateaus, inviting fishing villages and beautiful bays, which in turn invite to anchor.
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Yacht charter Athens impressive temples around Athens
You will also find impressive temples on your sailboat holiday around Athens that have survived two millennia and still retain their monumental character. If you are on your sailing trip in search of paradisiacal natural wonders and sandy beaches, then visit on your Athens route necessarily the island Elafonissos and Kythira.

On the other hand, the Cyclades, which are an important archipelago of the Aegean and have enjoyed a special fascination since antiquity, are blessed with plenty of wind. Here wind strengths of 7-8 Beaufort can be reached. The Cyclades can also be easily reached from the destination Athens-Kalamaki. Due to the excellent, but also challenging wind and current conditions, the sailing route to the Cyclades, which consists of 21 larger and 20 smaller islands, is often chosen only by experienced sailing professionals.
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Yacht Charter in Greece, Here you find current sail and yacht charter offers for Athens, Lavrion, Rhodes, Kos, Samos, Lefkas, Corfu, Paros and Mykonos.

Yacht charter Lavrion

White windmills and stunning sandy beaches.
The charter area around Lavrion is characterized by its fantastic location. From Lavrion you can reach the Cyclades on the one hand, but also the exciting and no less gorgeous coast of the Peloponnese. In the immediate vicinity of the Lavrion district, there are some attractions worth visiting, such as the Temple of Poseidon. There are also fantastic bays and anchorages at the southern tip of Attica near Lavrion, just 6 meters away.

Start your sailing trip from Lavrion and head to the Cyclades

If you start your yacht charter vacation from Lavrion, you usually sail directly into the Cyclades with your sailing yacht. These small islands around the ancient religious and political center of Delos are characterized by particularly demanding wind and current conditions. In summer the wind is the strongest with strengths of up to 8Bft.
A sail trip to the Cyclades will definitely enchant you from Lavrion with a sailboat. The many small whitewashed windmills and charming houses that you will find all over the islands will take you into a world of bygone times. But larger centers such as Mykonos, which invites you to stay longer with its breathtaking sandy beaches as well as with an extensive nightlife, you should not miss. Furthermore, the harbors of Paros, Ios and Naxos, which are very popular with sailors, can be used to anchor here and explore the area's rich sights. If you like it quiet, then you should head to the more unknown, but uniquely beautiful islands like Dhonousa, Iraklia and Koufonisia. What you will find here is pure relaxation!

Yacht charter Lavrion choose your sailing route from Lavrion.
From Lavrion you can sailboats, motor boats and catamarans with or without skipper charters to ensure a pleasant yacht holiday. Furthermore, you will receive in this sailing area for your charter motor yachts and sailing yachts with crew.

The sailing route is a sailing trip from Lavrion to Kea, Loutra, Siros and Mykonos. From there continue to Delos, Paros and Ios, Thira, Kimolos, Sifnos, then to Serifos and Merichas, Poros, Aegina and then back to Athens. The Lavrion Sail Route offers a varied program and will certainly be remembered for a long time with its wonderfully beautiful impressions.
Yacht Charter Lavrion

Sailing holidays on Lefkada

the island with the white sand beaches.
The yacht charter Lefkada is not only the fourth largest island in the so-called Ionian Sea, but the island of Lefkada is also one of the most impressive. The picturesque island of Lefkada is located west of the Greek peninsula

Lefkada is the hub of cultural life and trade in the Ionian Sea. During the summer season, major cultural festivals take place, attracting additional guests from home and abroad to the Lefkada Islands.

In general, the island of Lefkada offers a lot of variety as a yacht charter in addition to your sailing vacation. Lefkas is the Greek word for "white" and the island "Lefkas" lives up to its name, after all, rocks and sandy beaches are hardly imaginable.
The healthiest food in the world, Greece
The healthiest food in the world, Greece!
Yacht charter Lefkada with its charming landscapes
At Lefkas, the landscape of the island is particularly appealing. Therefore, it is worthwhile for sailors and sailboat friends to discover the inland at this charter destination with its dreamy village villages and the many green. Apart from sailing, all other water sports are excellent on the island. In particular, the island is in the windy area as a paradise for windsurfers. On Lefkas you get for your sailing trip and yacht holidays sailing yachts motor yachts and catamarans.

Yacht charter Lefkas sail holidays without mass tourism
Many guests appreciate that Lefkada has never spread so-called mass tourism. The places on the island have largely retained their traditional charm and noisy tourists, as well as the usual pick-up points are looking luckily in vain. Nevertheless, there are of course enough restaurants and cafes to get to know the variety of Greek cuisine. Also the partly excellent wines, which have been grown here for many centuries, should have been tried.
Yacht Charter Mykonos the world's most famous and extraordinary island in the world
Among the numerous charter destinations on the Greek islands, the island of Mykonos is certainly one of the most versatile sailing grounds. The island of Mykonos offers a wealth of sailing routes that suit every need and is a very popular sailing area for sailor friends of all couleur.

Scenic Mykonos is very attractive with its towering mountains and the many picturesque and partly remote bays and beaches. In addition, the charter area around Mykonos offers the interested yacht enthusiastic cultural sights such as the Paraportiani church. This is world famous for its extraordinary architecture.

The main town of Chora in Mykonos is one of the most charming island cities in Greece. Just off the harbor, there are a variety of restaurants for every budget. Also for overnight stays, the island offers numerous hotels for every need. In addition, Mykonos is known for its legendary colorful nightlife and also popular with artists and birds of paradise.

Yacht charter Mykonos

for sailors who want to get their money's worth
The marina of Mykonos has been regularly renewed in the past and brought to the latest technical state, so that sailors come here fully at their expense. All the necessary preparations for a sailing trip can be done quickly and easily. The employees of the responsible authorities, service providers and businesses speak all English and often even German.

Sailboats, motorboats and catamarans are best chartered from Lavrion.

Mykonos is ideal for a sailing trip to sail to the other Cyclades islands with a sailing yacht. This part of the Mediterranean Sea under sailboat connoisseurs is considered an excellent and highly versatile sailing area.

Yacht Charter Corfu

The yacht charter destination Corfu is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations ever. The island of Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and has always attracted enthusiastic sailors. This is because Corfu is blessed not only to a very special extent with a well-thriving vegetation, which is explained by the particularly favorable rainfall in winter, but also offers the Corfu also fantastic conditions for beginners.

Sail holiday with WorldTourism in sailing area Corfu

The wind conditions in Corfu are relatively modest, so you will certainly spend a fantastic sailing trip and family vacation on Corfu with your yacht, which will be characterized by a very special rest. On Corfu you will find with your sailboat downright paradisiacal bays that invite you to linger. The conditions are on Corfu for bathing enthusiasts just perfect. You will just love the turquoise waters of Corfu. On Corfu you can charter sailboats, powerboats and catamarans as well as luxury sailing yachts and motor yachts with crew.
Yacht Charter Corfu
Set sail from Corfu and visit the surrounding islands. You will find a particularly varied landscape that will captivate you every moment. Unique mountains and cliffs, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, olive groves and cypress trees. You will also find many caves, which are characterized by particularly clear water. Join Yacht Charter Corfu on a varied sailing trip and experience a land that could not offer you so much more.

Boat rental on Corfu island with over 1300 cliffs
Have you ever seen the cliffs of Greece? These 1300m high cliffs can also be reached wonderfully from Corfu. You are just a stone's throw away from this island and will definitely enchant you.

So if you want to gain even more sailing experience or prefer a relaxed and quiet rather than a sporty challenging sailing holiday, then grab your family and enjoy the unique destination of Corfu - the perfect spot for those seeking relaxation crave.
Yacht Charter Paros Island of Ancient History
The island of Paros is a small island in the middle of the Cyclades. This little paradise Paros is very popular among sailors, because not only can you reach the surrounding islands like Naxos within a day trip, but also because here you can find relicts of long forgotten times.

The island - as excavations have shown - was already inhabited since the Neolithic period and can therefore look back on a particularly long history. That's why this small, quiet island attracts sailing enthusiasts, who are also enthusiastic about archaeological finds.

Yacht charter Paros let you spoil Deliciously
Paros is also known for its extremely hospitable nature. If you want to stop off in one of the local restaurants and indulge in regional delicacies, you will not be amazed. Various cheeses, specialties from the area - combined with a good glass of wine, you are guaranteed to end the evening nicely. Make sure that the restaurant is located near the harbor so you have the best views, maybe even on your own fantastic sailing yacht.
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