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A good umbrella at a discreet spot for emergency time shows how prepared the chauffeur is. Once the customer enters the door, the door closes with a simple smooth movement. In some cases the hierarchy plays a big role, the professional chauffeur has done his lessons and knows who needs to get in first, he has to sit forward and who should sit opposite.

The art of being chauffeur V.I.P.

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There is no easy job or job where you do not need to have any knowledge. For confirmation, it is enough to read the subject.

As an idea the chauffeur profession can be very attractive, since it looks like the one of the upgraded taxi driver. Correctly, Error! Anyone wanting to drive V.I.P. in various metropolises of the world should be excellent at all if he can not or does not know to be excellent will definitely be past. There are professional chauffeurs working in companies while others self-propelled with their own car and their own clientele. It may seem far from the Greek reality, but it is not possible to exclude the cost of having a luxury car. This is where the exploration of the profession begins.

Clean-grooming-dressing. The holy triad that defines the appearance of the best chauffeur. Clean not surface but in detail, groomed not exaggerated but measured and dressing intelligent, mainly gray or blue suit with white shirt, monochrome tie-socks and polished shoes.

A very important element of preparation is the planning, ie the advance knowledge of the pick-up points, the entry and exit points to and from these points, as well as alternative routes in the event of an accident or sudden traffic jam. The good chauffeur communicates with the client via a message specifying exactly the time of arrival at the pickup point. He fades the details, waits for the unexpected and predicts the unpredictability.

All customers expect high-level services, many require it without any excuse, which means that each customer should feel the first limousine entry. The right professional is sitting in the back seat and observing, looking for imperfections and correcting them. The car must be both internally and externally that it just came out of the delegation, that there must be nothing inside.
In the car

Both hands on the wheel, right seat, attention to the road not only in thought but also in practice. The customer must feel confident and see the confidence in the way the chauffeur is leading. Also, as soon as you look at the rear-view mirror, there are not a few who get angry. Finally, the unchallenged rule of the chauffeur is that he speaks only if the client speaks to him.

Finally, the route should be, if the customer has not defined a specific, as fast as possible and with the fewest delays, see signs etc. The destination should have provided for what to stop, the chauffeur comes first and with the back in the car opens the door of the customer. The safety of the customer until he leaves the car is the responsibility of the wizard, regardless of whether he has a bodyguard.


This should be such that if the customer is filled as soon as a glass of champagne comes in, the only drops that will come out of it are the ones that will flow into his mouth. It must be smooth, predictable, as if slipping on the surface without a sudden acceleration or deceleration.

If the client asks the chauffeur to accelerate or drive on the bus route, he can and must kindly refuse his obligation to follow the road traffic code.


It is not enough a spotless interior should when the customer's reception the environment is comfortable, the temperature appropriate and the music as well. If you are not asked for something specific, it is good to play a serious news station with little or no advertising.
WTaxi Car

A few minutes before arrival a message notifies the customer of the exact time of pickup so that neither he nor the car is waiting. Especially when it comes to high profile customers the most likely is the time it takes to pass the car and himself from a security check. Attention is the body language is as important as the way or the tone of the welcome, so the following applies: Clear and continuous visual contact, short tight handshake and a warm, friendly and above all auspicious greeting.